Siri Van Gruen

Posted on Monday, 29 March 2021 under

Siri is a plant enthusiast. She is happiest outside in the garden, getting her hands dirty. Her passion for sustainable food systems led her to complete a BSc. in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences specializing in Plant Production. During her degree, she spent a field semester in Barbados researching development of weed free soil mixtures and was a farmhand at McGill’s Mac Market helping to supply fresh produce to students and locals. Siri left Montreal bilingual, enriched with experiences, and more motivated than ever to pursue a career in agriculture.

This city folk grew up in New Westminster where she aimed to use her backyard to provide fresh food for her family while making sure the birds, bees, and butterflies had their fair share. In her spare time she enjoys going camping, sticking her nose in plant identification books, and playing music.