Community Supported Agriculture Webinars

Building a CSA Program for Everyone

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a distribution model wherein customers buy ‘shares’ at the beginning of the growing season in exchange for a portion of a local farmer’s harvest. This is the first webinar in a 6 part webinar series of our Strengthening CSA’s Program to support CSA farmers and the expansion of CSA programs in BC.

This webinar, geared toward both farmers and eaters, dives into education around CSA’s, the ways in which we talk about CSA programs, and the different types of programs available. We are joined by Kerry from Laughing Crow Organics and Laura from Cartwheel Farm, two farmers who speak about their experiences with CSA Programs and how we can continue to build on education and language for CSA programs.

Planning a CSA Program

This webinar, geared toward farmers, covers the planning required on the farm to start a CSA program. We are joined by Shirlene Côté from Earth Apple Organic Farm and Heather Stretch from Northbrook Farm and Saanich Organics, two farmers who speak about their experiences planning their CSA Programs and how they create continued success.

Marketing Your Produce for Farmers’ Markets and CSA Programs

Starting a new CSA program? Looking to improve an existing one? Selling your produce at the farmer’s market? The presentations from each farmer discuss some of the ways they market their produce and how to get started. We are joined by Naomi Martz from Four Beat Farm and Matthew Carr from Linden Lane Farms.

This event was held at the BCAFM Conference.

Online Tools to Build Your CSA

There are a variety of online tools to assist farmers in planning, organizing, and building their CSA program. Two options, Tend and Farmigo, are the focus of this webinar. Tend is software to help farmers create a farm plan, a key start in planning a CSA. Farmigo specifically helps farmers grow and manage their CSA programs. In this webinar, we hear from two farmers who have experience using Tend and Farmigo. Melad Charkhabi from The Sharing Farm Society speaks to his experience using Tend, and Jeff Klug from Roots Down Organic Farm details his experience using Farmigo.

Unique Approaches to CSA Programs

In this webinar, our guest speakers dive into a zero-waste approach to CSA boxes, packaging options as a result of COVID-19, tips for rural and small-scale farmers, and adopting a cooperative method to organizing a CSA. This webinar is geared toward farmers looking for unique ways to run a CSA Program. We are joined by Arzeena Hamir from Amara Farm and Alys Ford from Ravine Creek Garden Farm, two farmers who talk about their unique approaches to CSA Programs.

CSA and Food Security

This webinar is geared toward both farmers and eaters and explores community-supported agriculture as an important model for building local food security. CSA Programs involve a model where customers buy ‘shares’ at the beginning of the growing season in exchange for a portion of a local farmer’s harvest. Farmers obtain income early in the season, coinciding with a period of high costs. This model invests in local food and supports farmers upfront for the coming season. Jacob Beaton from Tea Creek Farm and Karen Ageson from Farmers on 57th join us to discuss their experiences building local food security in their communities.