H and L Farm

H and L Farm

Our 2.9-acre farm is located on the south end of Okanagan Falls – the heart of wine country. When we first purchased this property, it was completely covered with hay. We barely had any farming experience or equipment. All we have is a passion for farming and limited knowledge from textbooks. Now we are into the fifth year of farming on the land. We are so proud to see our property turning into a real farm gradually with chickens, vegetables, fruits and flowers. We have always enjoyed producing fresh food in a sustainable way for our local customers. We make sure everyone is benefiting from our sustainable farming, the birds, the bees, the butterflies, the rodents, the environment as well as our local community.

CSA Farm Information

Eggs, Fruit & Vegetable, Orchard Fruit

1644 Highway 97 North, Okanagan Falls, BC

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Pickup Locations:

Okanagan Falls Penticton
1644 Highway 97 North, Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada 49.3364896 -119.5705039 1644 British Columbia 97 British Columbia V0H 1R0 Canada
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