Golden Ears Farm

Golden Ears Farm

Our modified harvest-to-order program, with same-day harvested organic fruit, veggies, and eggs, will run from May to October. If you don’t order one week, or two in a row, we don’t bring anything in. We’ve used this model for the past two seasons and were pleasantly surprised at how much this reduced overage/waste.

With this adapted model, we are asking CSA Members to subscribe at $300 for the season. This is added as a prepaid credit in your account and is deducted from as you order through the season (from our webstore). If the credit runs out and there is still season left, simply add more to the credit by e-transferring us and you’re good to go. If it doesn’t get used up through the season, the credit can be held over to the fall/winter or the following season or we can refund what is left.

The $300 covers the fruit, veg & eggs, as well as a weekly newsletter that includes farm news, details about less commonly known items, and recipes.

Due to the limited size of our CSA, we don’t post details on our website. Please email us directly if you are interested in picking up CSA boxes from the farm or in Kamloops.

CSA Farm Information

Eggs, Fruit & Vegetable, Orchard Fruit

5848 VLA Road, Chase, BC

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(250) 679-8421

Pickup Locations:

Chase Kamloops
5848 VLA Road, Chase, BC V0E 1M1, Canada 50.797227 -119.711333 5848 VLA Road Chase British Columbia V0E 1M1 Canada
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