Forrest Farm Salmo

Forrest Farm Salmo

A CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is an amazing investment in our small local farm!

Enjoy a mix of Forrest FarmVegtables, Lamb/Pork/Chicken/Quail and Goat Meat every week
with Free Range Chicken and Quail eggs.

Each Box will consist of approximately 5-6 types of field Grown Forrest Farm vegetables and microgreens every week, a variety of Forrest Farm lamb, pork or goat and one large chicken every other week, and one dozen Forrest Farm chicken eggs and one dozen quail eggs every week

​Community Supported Agriculture is designed to give small farms the early season capital they need to get started while giving the community a vested interest in the success of that farm. CSA customers make a huge difference in the early season by giving us an initial investment for seeds, feed, grain, and infrastructure that we then turn into the highest quality meat, eggs and produce for you this summer!!! This helps reduce waste, guarantees fresh products, and helps provide food security to the area. Signing up in advance helps take away some of the guesswork associated with figuring out the seasonal output we can produce to meet market demands. It also lets us reduce the risk of overproducing, reduces environmental impact, and helps by eliminating any possible waste.

CSA Farm Information

Eggs, Fruit & Vegetable, Meat

1244 Airport Rd, Salmo, BC

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250 777 1186

Pickup Locations:

1244 Airport Rd, Salmo, BC, Canada 49.1689759 -117.2587758 1244 Airport Road Salmo British Columbia V0G 1Z0 Canada
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