Farm or Die Agriculture

Farm or Die Agriculture

Our mission at Farm Or Die is to provide customers with quality local food grown in a responsible manner. This means your food is never traveling by boat, plane, train, or long haul truck. We grow food in the community for the community, harvesting food that is properly ripened, flavourful, and appropriate to our growing zone. We believe farmers share a crucial responsibility in preserving and protecting our agricultural land. This is why we practice regenerative agriculture methods including deep mulching, permanent raised beds, and minimal tillage. It is our duty as stewards of the land to protect and build arable soil for future generations. We strive to build strong communities through increasing food literacy and strengthening our customers’ bond with their food and local growers.

Each box contains 7-9 seasonally available veg and costs $35 per week. Pay upfront to get the best deal or pay monthly to give our box program a try! Produce for this season includes but is not limited to salad mix, microgreens, kale, swiss chard, radishes, turnips, green/fresh/storage onions, beets, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, apples, plums and pears.

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Flowers, Fruit & Vegetable

1833 Glamorgan Rd, North Saanich, British Columbia

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(778) 700 2261

Pickup Locations:

Esquimalt Saanich Victoria
1833 Glamorgan Rd, North Saanich, British Columbia V8L 5S9, Canada 48.658093 -123.423007 1833 Glamorgan Road North Saanich British Columbia V8L 5S9 Canada
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