Why YOU should get a CSA share

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs offer subscribers a convenient way to receive a variety of local produce every week throughout the season. This mutual commitment guarantees consumers repeated deliveries of fresh, local food, and provides farmers with a source of income during a period of high expense. Farmers increase their financial and environmental resiliency by incorporating the CSA model into their business.

Right now is the perfect time to start thinking about purchasing a CSA share. Here are reasons why:

You are guaranteed the freshest local produce every week

Farmers work hard daily to harvest your fruits and vegetables closest to when you will be receiving your share. This means you will be getting food straight from the field. The taste will blow you away and it will last longer than any fruit or vegetable bought from the grocery store.

You get to know your local farmer and how your food is grown

Most CSA farmers do an amazing job of educating their members about how their food is grown, happenings on the farm, delicious recipe ideas, and more! Depending on your box collection location, you might even have the opportunity to ask the farm team questions about your produce, the farm, growing conditions, etc.

You get to try unique vegetables

There are many fruits and vegetables grown in BC that are less familiar than your typical strawberries and cucumbers. While you will receive a lot of produce you are familiar with, there will be items that are new to you. Think celeriac, fava beans, kohlrabi, sugarloaf, and more! It can be so fun to learn new recipes with unique items and who knows, you might end up having a new favourite vegetable!

It was a fun surprise gift basket every week – I really enjoyed cooking with different kinds of vegetables! – Kara H, CSA member with KPU Farm School

Reduce your environmental impact

Often when we buy food from the grocery store it has already travelled a long distance to get here. When you buy a CSA share, you are supporting local agriculture and reducing the miles typically associated with foods. Farmers provide local pickup options, significantly reducing food miles.

Simplify your life!

Getting a CSA is like having someone do the shopping and decision-making for you. With farmers offering different sizing options, you can order CSA boxes for you, you and a friend, or you and your family. When you collect your produce each week, everything is already picked and put together for you. You head home with a week’s worth of produce without having made any decisions or shopping around.

I loved having someone choose my fruits and vegetables for me. It really took the pressure off of thinking about what nutritious items I needed to be adding to my diet every week. I’d pick up my basket and instantly my fridge would be filled with healthy additions to my meals. – Alexa G, CSA member with Cropthorne Farm

There are many more reasons to buy a CSA share from your local farmer. Whatever your reason(s) may be, now is the time to start looking into what farm you want to get your share from! Check out our map of CSA programs across the province to find a farm near you. Search by region, pick-up location, or CSA type to find your perfect fit.


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