Whole Farm Plan Guide

Published by the Land Conservancy of British Columbia

December 2009

The Whole Farm Plan Guide (WFPG) offers procedures and information to help farm groups develop a Whole Farm Plan for achieving their farm’s environmental, social, and economic goals. It was adapted to include resources and information specific to Cooperatives in 2013

The WFPG is a farm’s key reference document. It describes all the elements of a community farm that need to be managed for success, including information about the farm’s land base and the farm group’s key definitions and agreements. It is a living, working document that lays a foundation for sound decision-making.

The WFPG describes what Whole Farm Plans are and why they are valuable. It provides a simple, step-by-step procedure to create and apply a Whole Farm Plan. This basic outline is supported by detailed information about each section, and links and resources for further reference.

We encourage use of this information and request that The Land Conservancy of British Columbia be credited.

The Community Farms Program is administered by FarmFolk CityFolk Society founded in collaboration with The Land Conservancy of British Columbia. The goal of the Community Farms Program is to actively secure farmland for present and future food production. We bring together landowners, farmers, local communities, and resources to develop and support community farm models in BC.

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