Mobile Seed Cleaning Unit

The Mobile Seed Cleaning Unit offers a range of seed cleaning options to meet most needs. Here is an overview of what is included with the trailer.

Cargo Trailer

The trailer itself is a 7′ x 12′ cargo trailer with a 2″ hitch ball. There is sufficient room to work inside the trailer, while many of the components can be removed and used independently. The floor is solid vinyl which makes for easy cleanup.

Below is a summary of the equipment you will find in the trailer, most of which can be removed from the trailer and used on its own.


Clipper AGM 224 Fanning Mill and Screens

The Clipper AGM 224 is a medium-capacity seed cleaner that can clean a wide array of seeds. It cannot be removed from the trailer. The Clipper can be used for initial and final cleaning of many seed types. You can read more detail about the Clipper here including an overview tutorial video.

The Clipper comes with a selection of 26 screens which can also be used on their own without the Clipper.



Safety Supplies

Safety is important to us. The trailer comes with a selection of hearing, eye, and lung protection options to keep you safe and healthy while cleaning your seeds. We appreciate a donation for any safety equipment you use to help covers the costs

Air Compressor

The air compressor is an important tool for cleaning seeds and cleaning the equipment in between seed lots. The unit has two compressors that can be used outside the unit. These units are quite heavy so be careful when using them. Ear, eye, and lung protection are recommended when using the compressor to clean seeds or equipment.

Rubbermaid Totes and Buckets

Rubbermaid totes and a selection of buckets are useful for catching and storing seed while cleaning. These can be used separately from the trailer as well.


Use tarps under your cleaning areas to catch any stray seeds and to keep your work area clean. A selection of colours helps with different types of seed.

Extension Cords and Power Bar

Use the extension cords and power to plug in equipment requiring power. Note that some pieces of equipment draw high amperage and may require their own circuit.

Air Column Separator

The air column separator is great for the final cleaning of many seeds or for differentiating seed by weight. The model in the trailer is currently being designed and built by a group of engineering students at UBC. This design used air pressure differential to sort seed and debris. according to weight

Zig Zag Seed Cleaner

Similar to the air column separator, the zig-zag seed cleaner also differentiates seed and debris by weight.


The vacuum is used with the air separators and also for clean-up – a true multi-functioning tool!

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