Low Impact Gift-Giving

Curate your gift-giving this year with the environment in mind. There are so many creative ways to show someone you are thinking of them over the holidays that do not leave an ecological impact.

Shop Local:

Resist the urge to purchase your holiday gifts from large multinational retailers. Instead, focus on businesses in your area that protect workers’ rights, source ethical materials, and reduce production waste. Look for companies who produce their goods in small batches or on an order-by-order basis. This minimizes excess waste and energy used to create the products. By shopping locally, you also protect and create employment opportunities for those in your community.

Think Shared Experiences:

Push traditional gift-giving out the door by seeking new ways to share time with one another. Sign-up for an online fitness class or workshop, paired with a glass of regional wine. Get out and enjoy seasonal light displays from the comfort of your car or distanced, self-guided walking tours with your immediate household.

To Gift or Not to Gift:

If you ever find yourself not knowing what to buy someone over the holidays think about how you can show that person you care without gifting at all. Instead, virtually explore what your community has to offer through holiday food and drink boxes or donate to a local charity in their name.

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