Kootenay Cover Cropping – Thistle Farm

This is a recording of a field day at was hosted in September in the Creston Valley, BC. Thistle Farm is a 4-acre property, growing approximately an acre of garlic annually. They work on a three-year rotation with their garlic varieties and grow a variety of vegetables in their small market garden for sale at farmer’s markets, wholesale and a handful of retailers in the Kootenays.

They operate a unique cover cropping program focusing on disease prevention, weed suppression and adding organic matter to their soil. Being in a flood plain, they deal with heavy, silty soil. Their greatest cover cropping success is from their treatment of biofumigant mustards, aiding significantly in disease prevention as they rotate their garlic.

This event was supported by the BC Climate Agri-Solutions Fund. Funding for the BC Climate Agri-Solutions Fund has been provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through the Agricultural Climate Solutions – On-Farm Climate Action Fund.

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