FarmFolk CityFolk Magazine: Summer 2018

Farming magazine cover

The Foodland Cooperative of BC (FLCBC) grew out of FarmFolk CityFolk’s Community Farms program and is now an independent organization. The Cooperative imagines an ecosystem that provides what Slow Food calls Good (nutritious quality food), Clean (environmentally sustainable), and Fair (for animals and humans) Food for All. In this scenario, land is not a commodity, to be bought and sold to the highest bidder, but is held in trust for the benefit of all. The wild areas of the land, home to edible and medicinal plants and animals, are protected and local indigenous people hunt and gather freely. It is land that provides us with food, whether grown or foraged. The people who live there year-round are able to feed themselves as well as sell the surplus so that all might eat well.

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