FarmFolk CityFolk Magazine: Summer 2012

Farming magazine cover

When Vandana Shiva launched Slow Food’s Manifesto of the Future of Seeds at Terra Madre in 2006, 8,000 farmers, producers, academics, and cooks gave her a standing ovation. On behalf of FarmFolk, I was proud to sign onto the “movement for seed freedom”. FarmFolk CityFolk has a long history of working for a community-based seed system. Partnering with Patrick Steiner of Stellar Seeds to create BCSeeds, a group of organic seed growers who inform and direct FarmFolk CityFolk’s work on seeds, we surveyed local seed growers and developed a program to address their most pressing concerns. We’ve held workshops, organized an event around Humberto Ríos La Brada, a visiting plant breeder from Cuba, and conducted a strategic session with 35 farmers and seed growers to outline a plan of action.

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