FarmFolk CityFolk Magazine: Spring-Summer 2013

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There are many health and environmental benefits to buying organic or grassfed meat and dairy. However, with the enormous amount of misguided and inaccurate health information circulating online, many consumers have become confused about what those benefits really are. One of the most common reasons people purchase organic meat and dairy is to avoid hormones and antibiotic residue. Conventional Canadian beef producers use antibiotics, growth hormones, and feed additives to increase muscle and growth in animals. However, Canadian agricultural regulations prohibit dairy cows from being treated with growth hormones and nowhere in Canada can antibiotics be used prophylactically or to promote the animal’s growth. Even though antibiotics may be used to treat sick animals, all milk—both organic and conventionally produced—is strictly tested for antibiotics at the farm and processing plant. Any milk that tests positive is dumped. If antibiotics and hormones are not in our Canadian dairy products, are there any health benefits to buying organic or grass-fed dairy?

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