FarmFolk CityFolk Magazine: Fall-Winter 2012

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Many people look forward to mealtime as an adventure; sourcing, preparing, and consuming a wide variety of common and exotic superb ingredients from all over the globe. For them it may well be “the best of times”. For the majority of the world’s population, simply satisfying hunger is their basic purpose. In regions devastated by war and other human-made and natural disasters, now is perhaps “the worst of times”. In this age of seemingly endless political campaigns, much is said that is wise. Far more is emoted that is foolish. But, barely anything at all is said about “the hungry” – now and in the future. Ensuring that people now and in the future will be able to acquire sufficient quantities of wholesome, nutritious food is not evident on the public policy agenda. Yet, we are aware of the droughts, floods, pestilence, shrinking farm population, and all of the other myriad issues that create food insecurity.

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