Edible Magazine: Embrasing the Wild

Published by Edible Vancouver, Fall 2017

Author: Michael Marrapese

Berry hunting has always been one of my favourite summer activities: exploring roadsides matted with wild alpine strawberry, the burnt-off slopes of the Westbank fire scar resplendent with Oregon grape, or the rotting stumps of the big firs and hemlocks in Campbell Valley covered in a riot of wild huckleberries. In June the banks of the salmon-bearing stream that flows across our property is dotted with salmonberries, which thrive along drainage ditches and stream beds. Later there will be the huckleberries and thimbleberries in the lowlands. On higher ground there are the less-celebrated Oregon grape, salal berries, and choke cherries that were staples for jams and jellies on the homesteads of early European settlers. I’m pretty busy most of the summer canning or freezing something.

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