BC Seed Gathering 2021: Seed Saving in BC Schools

Schools are a wonderful place to grow food (and seeds). Students can plant seeds in the Spring, water and care for the plants over the Summer, and harvest the crops and seeds in the Fall. Learning about seeds in schools provides many opportunities for engaging, hands-on activities, and works well over the school year. Students can grow and easily save seeds for crops like lettuce, kale, cilantro, peppers, and more!

Farm to School BC has developed a lesson plan for teachers to save a wide variety of seeds with their classes, which will be highlighted in this presentation. Learn about how Farm Folk City Folk (FFCF) and Farm to School BC are partnering to reach more schools across BC, connecting schools and seed libraries, and the workshops that FFCF can provide to schools. Workshop topics will include garden planning, seed crop maintenance, selection and harvesting, and cleaning and storage.

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