BC Seed Gathering 2021: A chef-guided and crowdsourced exploration of radicchio and rutabaga!

We’ll explore radicchio and rutabaga with a community of tasters! We’ll start with a cooking demonstration from chef Rob Cleland and his culinary team at Legacy Senior Living in Vancouver, and then Rob will be available for questions and discussion. Then we’ll look to YOUR memories, experiences, and palates for more flavour insights. If you’re in the Vancouver area, you can choose to pick up a *free* radicchio and rutabaga tasting kit and contribute flavour feedback via an online survey. Wherever you’re located, we’ll trade recipe ideas, memories of radicchio and rutabaga, and tips for making these uncommon vegetables a friendly part of your home cooking. So come with favorite recipes, tips, questions, and curiosity! After the session, you’ll receive a list of the recipes and preparation ideas mentioned in our discussion!

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