A Local Government Toolkit for Sustainable Food Production

Published by the Land Conservancy of British Columbia

December 2009

BC’s Farming and Food Future: A Local Government Toolkit for Sustainable Food Production supports municipalities and regional districts with tools to encourage sustainable food production for the benefit of their community.

It will help local government planners and politicians:

  • Create a favourable environment for sustainable food production and;
  • Take a lead role in encouraging and supporting sustainable food production in BC.

As well as providing tools, the Toolkit suggests how to advocate for policies and programs that support local agriculture. It also gives basic information and resources about the state of agriculture in BC. This information helps planning staff respond to information requests from Council and the public, and integrate food production into policy, planning, and programs.

The Toolkit focuses on farm-based agriculture, but the tools, information, and resources can be applied to urban food production.

We encourage the use of this information and request that The Land Conservancy of British Columbia be credited.

The Community Farms Program is administered by FarmFolk CityFolk Society, founded in collaboration with The Land Conservancy of British Columbia. The goal of the Community Farms Program is to actively secure farmland for present and future food production. We bring together landowners, farmers, local communities, and resources to develop and support community farm models in BC.

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