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Our team is composed of soil, seed, farming, and food systems policy experts. We can provide information and connect you with farmers in BC who work to mitigate climate change and participate in their local food systems.

As settlers in the place commonly known as British Columbia, we do not speak on behalf of Indigenous and Black communities, People of Colour, and low-income individuals. Food systems are subject to systemic racism and injustices. We urge you to connect with these communities directly.

Our Expertise:

David Catzel

BC Seed Security Program Manager

A leader and visionary in the Seed Community. David’s expertise in seed security, sovereignty, seed research, and long term involvement as a farmer within the BC farming community enables him to bring together farmers and seed experts to collaboratively imagine and develop a future resilient seed system.

Abra Brynne

Policy Advisor

A nationally respected food system advocate. Abra is a founding member of many agriculture and food-related organizations, including BC Food Systems Network, the Canadian Biotech Action Network, Kootenay Local Agriculture Society, and Food Secure Canada.

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General Media Inquiries:
Julia Zado, Engagement Manager
604-730-0450 ext. 304