With your support, our programs:

  • Help make farmers part of the climate solution by supporting the adoption of climate-friendly agricultural practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon;
  • Inform consumers of the environmental and social impact of their food choices, equipping people to eat food that nourishes themselves and the planet;
  • Work with farmers, seed growers, researchers, and backyard gardeners to develop a thriving ecological seed sector and increase local seed security;
  • Celebrate local food by connecting farmers, chefs, retailers, and eaters to strengthen the market for locally-produced food;
  • Advocate for BC farmers and the effective use and protection of agricultural land.

Tax Receipts

FarmFolk/CityFolk Society is a registered charitable not for profit organization. When you donate, you will receive a charitable tax receipt by email.

If you would like to donate and would be more comfortable doing it on the phone, or by mail, please contact us.