Cranbrook Public Library

Cranbrook Public Library

What is a seed lending library? In simple terms, a seed library is just how it sounds- it loans seeds to gardeners. Exactly how does a seed lending library work? A seed library works much like a traditional library- but not quite.

Seed library info the benefits of a seed lending library are many: it is a way to have fun, build community with fellow gardeners, and support people who are new to the world of gardening. It also preserves rare, open pollinated or heirloom seeds and encourages gardeners to save quality seeds that are suitable for your local growing area.

So how does our seed library work? members of the Cranbrook Public Library/gardeners “borrow” seeds from the library at planting time. Yu may borrow 3 packages at a time. At the end of the growing season, you save seeds from the plants and return a portion of the seeds to the library. Cranbrook Public Library members can borrow vegetable, herb and flower seeds from our collection, with the promise to return dried seeds from their successful crops to the seed library’s store for the next growing season.
By helping people cultivate locally raised seeds, the Cranbrook Seed library aims to grow nourishing food and thriving habitat that improve our health, steward our region’s biodiversity and help us live in healthy relationship to the land.

Seed Library Information

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