Planting Seeds Project

Planting Seeds Project

Established in 1991, we continue to grow resiliency into seeds in Lytton, the Hot Spot of BC. Benefiting from our challenging climate conditions of extreme heat and cold, wind, drought, fire inversions, and difficult soils, it is natural for our seeds to learn survival skills. This adaptively helps them thrive when planted in your gardens and fields. Our seed focus spans from traditional foods and short-season vegetables, herbs, flowers, some wild collections, to experimenting with some longer-season varieties and even some heat-loving sub-tropicals.

We have farmed and worked with Indigenous peoples since the conception of this project, building relationships and supporting steps towards food sovereignty. I continue working with Kanaka Bar Indian Band as the community garden lead, expanding mountainside gardens and reaching towards goals of food self-sufficiency, as well as farming seed. Please connect for seed orders, sweet potato starts, and seed contracts!

Seed Supplier Information

PO Box 536, Lytton, BC, V0K 1Z0


Lytton, BC V0K 1Z0, Canada 50.233258 -121.581404 Lytton British Columbia Canada