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Posted on Monday, 8 August 2022 under Chefs & Makers

Award-winning taste with just 4g of cane sugar

Based in Vancouver, Wize Tea is creating world-changing positive impact by sharing innovative, delightful, and balanced refreshments. Our Iced Tea is made from our signature Coffee Leaf Tea as the tea base (not classic black tea, green tea or mate), a part of the coffee plant rediscovered by Wize a decade ago. Upcycling polyphenol-rich coffee leaves into tea not only makes a smooth iced tea without any bitterness and no need for heavy sugars, but also contributes to off-season revenue and employment at farm-level, with each can generates two minutes of work for coffee farmers in need in the 9 month-long off-season.

Its light caffeine makes it an ideal afternoon pick me up, replacing sodas, coffee and energy drinks, and fitting with the trend for lighter, more balanced beverages throughout the day.

Our mission is two folds:

  • Helping Sugar reduction in North American diet, by offering refreshing, healthy alternatives to big sugar sodas and teas. We’re there to promote the idea of living with wisdom: balancing flavors while having a bit of the real thing (sugar), instead of relying on extremities of full to zero sugar with fake sweeteners. We hope to reduce the daily sugar consumption from 77gr to the recommended 35gr by cutting empty calories sweet drinks from consumers’ diets.
  • Helping coffee farmers double their revenues while reducing plastic waste. By upcycling the overshadowed coffee leaves into tea, coffee farmers in Nicaragua are now able to double the revenue they generate from the same coffee plants that are typically only generating seasonal revenue. By chosing to go with aluminum cans rather than plastic bottles, we’re going with the infinitely recyclable option and limiting the amount of plastic pollution.

Our 3rd co-founder Enrique is a 3rd generation coffee farmer from Nicaragua and our main supplier of Coffee Leaf Tea. Wize is one of the only tea companies in the world to have this level of vertical integration and direct connection to the farm, meaning 100% sourcing transparency and guaranteed ethical labor practices all along the supply chain.

Contact Information

Unit 309, 1930 Pandora St
Vancouver, BC, V5L 0C7
1(855) 937-9493

Website: drinkwize.com
Facebook: drinkwize
Instagram: drinkwize