Weingärtner MicroFarm

Posted on Tuesday, 4 June 2024 under Chefs & Makers

Weingärtner MicroFarm is a small scale organic farm located on the unceded traditional territories of the Katzie & Kwantlen First Nations People, also known as Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.

For the 2024 season and beyond, our farm has moved and is scaling up even more on a new property closer to downtown Maple Ridge, yet also in the ALR! We plan to offer our chiles and other produce through our own farm stand on the new site, as well as going to farmers markets and supplying local restaurants with fresh local organically grown produce. Plus check out the page about our beta test “micro” CSA offer!

Our focus is on cultivating a variety of chile peppers ranging from sweet and mild to the hottest pepper in the world (Carolina Reaper), but our main love and focus is on Northern New Mexican and Southern New Mexican Hatch Valley varieties of chiles. These chilies have some of the most distinct and delicious flavours with a moderate heat level.

Our philosophy is rooted in the principals of organic regenerative permaculture. We prep beds and soil with as minimal disturbance as possible. We never use chemicals of any kind on the field for fertilizer or pest control. We want to grow in harmony with nature, not fight against it. We strive to develop a bio-diverse ecosystem in our fields by growing a variety of companion plants interplanted and mixed together including herbs, flowers, and many other vegetables that compliment our chile peppers as aids in pollination, natural pest deterrents, beneficial bug attractors, and of course being edible in their own right! Who knew trying to grow chiles naturally would eventually lead to having a full-blown market garden?!

Contact Information

23 – 23151 Haney Bypass
Maple Ridge, BC
V2X 0S5

Website: weingartnermicrofarm.ca
Instagram: @weingartnermicrofarm
Facebook: @WeingartnerMicroFarm