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Posted on Monday, 8 August 2022 under Chefs & Makers

Vancouver’s Premium Private Dining Experience

We have been making hosting simple for our clients since 2015.

We love constructing unique personalized menus based around the client’s request which includes using new seasonal ingredients from local vendors. Being a business focusing on intimate private dining experience we are able to walk through farmers’ markets and use the inspiration from what is in front of us and curate a menu around that. We use honey from Jive Honey, Gooseneck barnacles from Tofino, local mushrooms and many more amazing products BC has to offer. With local ingredients, our focus is to make sure we use as much of the product possible, like squash seeds toasted on a salad from local squash. Limiting food waste is something that needs more of a spotlight, even though fine dining has expectations of the perfectly cut vegetable we want to make sure the scraps are used and never wasted.

Make your winter a bit cheesier with a one-of-a-kind fondue experience, Fondue Vancouver is a new service by Supper Club YVR. Fondue Vancouver will drop off everything you need to host a fondue night with equipment rental, classic and innovative dippings and step-by-step instructions. Pre-order a gift card for future service when Fondue Vancouver launches and use discount code “feast2022” to receive 25% off at check-out. Terms and conditions can be found on their website and purchase page.

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