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Posted on Thursday, 13 May 2021 under Chefs & Makers

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logo of a ciderhouse/farmSea Cider is a farm-based cidery located on the Saanich Peninsula just minutes from Victoria, on Vancouver Island. Our ten-acre farm is home to over 1,300 apple trees, made up of over 60 varieties of heritage apples. Sea Cider opened its farm gate for business in 2007 when owner Kristen Needham purchased the property with a vision of creating an organic farm and orchard and producing traditional fermented artisan ciders. Since then, we’ve grown to an annual cider production of over 7,000 cases and growing. We continue to pride ourselves on crafting traditionally fermented ciders from organically grown apples, and our award-winning cider is now available throughout Western North America.

Sea Cider is a certified organic farm in compliance with Canada’s National Organic Standards through the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS). Our organic practices focus on minimal intervention and prevention of disease and insect infestations through soil health and attentive tree maintenance. In particular, we maintain the health of our trees by encouraging and nourishing soil biodiversity and preventing soil erosion.

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Daily 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

2487 Mt St Michael Road
Saanichton, BC V8M 1T7
(250) 544-4824

Facebook: seacider
Twitter: seaciderhouse
Instagram: seaciderhouse