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Posted on Tuesday, 10 August 2021 under Chefs & Makers

Have you ever had real soy sauce? Real shoyu soy sauce from Japan? Probably not. Soy sauce in North America isn’t the “real thing”, even though it is marketed to us like it is. The soy sauce that we consume in our part of the world is very industrial. Big factory soy sauce is made from defatted soy protein which is also commonly used as animal feed. A process that uses this industrial waste after the soybean oil is extracted. This soybean meal is then boiled in hydrochloric acid to extract the protein. It is then neutralized with caramel colouring and flavour added. This “Soy sauce” is made in the span of hours and days. Real shoyu takes months and even years to be made naturally. Allowing time to let the microbes do the work breaking the proteins down into tasty umami acids.

Our experience in tasting many high-quality shoyu’ in Japan led us towards the lighter side shoyu. Our unique recipe of 50/50 soybeans to roasted wheat results in a shoyu that is lighter in colour, remarkable in umami and delicious flavour. A complimentary shoyu that can add a “wow” to just about any recipe. Kanada Shoyu is like no other soy sauce you have ever tasted. We are very proud of our finished product and urge you to experience real soy sauce and have a taste of our dream come true.

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