Kindred Cultures

Posted on Monday, 7 June 2021 under Chefs & Makers

Hi! I’m Lyndsay, I’m a busy mom of two active little humans! Kindred Cultures started in my kitchen as a project for my family. My youngest son started suffering from eczema and asthma when he was 15 months old and all of our prescriptions and hospital visits weren’t improving his conditions.

I made it my mission to find relief for him and began learning about probiotics and gut health. We discovered kefir and began making it at home and it helped him so much, it was incredible! Suddenly we had friends and neighbours “placing orders” and lining up to try! We loved the feedback and hearing the stories about how it was a helpful addition to their daily routines too.

That was it, I had found my calling!

Today, the Kindred Cultures team has grown to include six incredible women, and we are honoured to be able to share our vegan kefir water with people across Canada!

We take our probiotic-rich kefir water and infuse it with a rainbow of organic fruits + botanicals for a delicious beverage that makes your body feel great. Low in sugar and calories, packed with probiotics, infused with the natural goodness of real foods, our Kefir Water are a toast to your health!

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