Hoyne Brewing Co.

Posted on Tuesday, 11 May 2021 under Chefs & Makers

Tradition Meets Innovation

brewery logoWhen we think of sustainability, we often focus on the environment. As it should be. For us, sustainability is certainly centered on our environmental footprint, but we have expanded it to include our connection to our community and how we support our team. Collectively, each of these pillars supports an ethos of long-term symbiotic health that permeates our brewery and the greater community. Over the years we have entered into a collaborative relationship with a number of local farmers to whom we donate our spent malted barley and yeast from our brewing process. In return, these farmers cart it all away for us and feed their livestock with it.

We prioritize developing local business relationships whenever possible. Some of our community partners have creatively used our beer to make their own products, such as sausage, ice cream, and even soap! Many of our partners are small family-run businesses that provide us with things like silk screened apparel, marketing materials, fresh hops, and local honey.

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