Fernwood Coffee

Posted on Wednesday, 28 July 2021 under Chefs & Makers

coffee company logoWith everything from cherry trees to street art, punk bars, and art galleries, Fernwood is where we work, live, and play. For us, coffee is a way to engage community, connect to place, and to build relationships. Our coffee reflects that. We roast in what once was the Stan Thompson Upholstery shop, and serve coffee and food in The Parsonage Cafe. We’re more than a hole in the wall or a hyper­ refined downtown locale: we’re a hub for the Fernwood community, a meeting place, a routine morning stop, a weekend ritual, and an active member of our community. Eclectic, bustling, and community-driven, we strive to capture our experience of Fernwood in everything we do.

Fernwood Coffee was established in 2007 after we took over The Parsonage Cafe. Intrigued by the circa 1930’s German coffee roaster sitting behind the cafe’s counter, we enrolled in world­-renowned roasting courses, workshops, and trade shows everywhere from Idaho, to California, to Seattle; traveled extensively; apprenticed with highly­ regarded baristas and roasters; and researched exhaustively to roast, brew, and pull the finest coffee possible. Since then, a lot’s happened: we purchased a much more modern roaster, briefly lived in the apartment suite above our cafe, traveled to and judged a number of international barista competitions, trained world-class baristas, and won some awards. We’ve worked hard to make our cafe and roastery a cultural staple in Fernwood.

Contact Information

1105 Caledonia Avenue
Victoria BC, V8T 1E9
Roastery: (250) 590-3320
Cafe: (250) 383-5999
Wholesale: ben@fernwoodcoffee.com

Website: fernwoodcoffee.com
Facebook: fernwood.coffee.company
Instagram: fernwoodcoffee