Posted on Friday, 18 June 2021 under Chefs & Makers

bakery logoWe are on a mission to create a better food system. Because we care. About everything. We care about the food we eat. We care about the food you eat. We care about where it comes from. How it impacts your health and our planet’s health. We are a family-run, Canadian-based company that is systematically working to conscientiously reinvent the home pantry. We are proud to have built our own dedicated plant-based & gluten-free facility in our hometown of Rossland, BC where it is independently owned and operated.

Our days are spent handcrafting healthy whole foods that are nourishing to one’s health all while keeping our planet top of mind. Alkeme is focused on stripping out processed ingredients, refined sugars, and preservatives from the household staples that are found in our day-to-day foods so that each one of us may feel the optimal version of ourselves. And all that starts with what we consume.

Our current offering spans from our wildly fermented sourdough bread line to nut & seed energy bars as well as sweets and beyond. Although we provide many products to the market, this year our Gluten Free Sourdough Bread line is our centerpiece. We believe Bread is beautiful in its simplicity. Flour. Water. And time. And for that, we fell in love with it. Eating it. And baking it. The old-fashioned, homemade way. We hope you love it as much as we do.

In addition, we are diligently changing our packaging to more eco-friendly options and continually innovating to keep our production free of food waste! In a nutshell, we don’t fit the mold of other producers and we’re pretty proud of that for the well-being of our customers or the planet.

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