50th Parallel Estate Winery

Posted on Thursday, 26 August 2021 under Chefs & Makers

50th Parallel is a stunning 61-acre property in Lake Country BC, boasting more ‘Grand Cru’ vineyard qualities found in one place than many of the top vineyards in the world. Internationally, the world is waking up to the growing number of award-winning wines coming from this place and the development honors the praise. Everything you see, feel, and taste is focused on the wine and the special place it comes from. The name ’50th Parallel’ was chosen to represent a unique and real physical location, a meeting place that people will understand the minute they see the property.

Our restaurant’s name, BLOCK ONE, represents the first vineyard planted in 2009 and is very special to Proprietors Sheri-Lee and Curtis. “It taught us to be farmers; to be ONE with the land. There are things we will never experience again. That vineyard block represents the past – the starting point, getting our hands dirty, all the ‘firsts’ of our business.” BLOCK ONE also represents the future as this vineyard block now produces some of the estate’s finest fruit for our international award-winning wines.

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Tasting Room Hours, please call or book an appointment:
Mon, Thurs – Sun: 11am – 7pm
Tues – Weds: 11am – 6pm

17101 Terrace View Road
Lake Country, BC, V4V 1B7
(250) 766-3408

Website: 50thparallel.com
Facebook: 50thParallelEstate
Twitter: 50thparallelwin
Instagram: 50thparallelwine