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Cover Cropping and Vegetable Production

February 22 @ 5:30 pm



February 22, 2024
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Join us for an evening about beneficial management practices you can use on your farm. Cover cropping can help to build soil, sequester carbon, increase and improve crop yields and create a diversified ecosystem where plants and animals can thrive.

Cover cropping is a sustainable agricultural practice that involves planting crops specifically to improve soil health, increase climate adaptability and promote climate mitigation. Cover crops are grown primarily for the benefits they provide to the soil and the ecosystem and, when carefully chosen and managed, can be hugely beneficial to farmers. Benefits include protecting the soil from erosion, suppressing weeds, reducing soil compaction, increasing soil organic matter, improving soil structure, increasing soil water-holding capacity, and enhancing nutrient cycling. In addition, cover crops can provide a habitat for beneficial insects, such as pollinators and predators of pests.

We invite farmers to join us online, watch a virtual tour of Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm and participate in a Q&A with our farm host, Travis Forstbauer and family.

About the Farm

Forstbauer Farm, founded in 1977, is a Certified Organic Farm in Chilliwack British Columbia. They farm using Biodynamic principles and are certified through the Biodynamic Society of British Columbia (Demeter) and BCARA. Biodynamic Farming is a form of agriculture focusing on soil health and food quality. At Forstbauer Farm, soil & plant health is at the forefront of their philosophy on farming. They achieve this through composting, crop rotation & cover cropping.

Guest Speakers and Q&A

Travis Forstbauer

Travis Forstbauer is a third-generation biodynamic market gardener/farmer at Forstbauer Farm. He farms alongside his wife and children, his father Hans, his brother Niklaus and his family, sister Rosanna and many other family members throughout the growing season. He is on the board of the BC Association for Regenerative Agriculture (BCARA), an organic certification body that certifies farms and businesses across the province of BC, the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS), and the Biodynamic Agricultural Society of BC (BDASBC).

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