Climate Solutions

Our Goal

B.C. food lands are transformed to provide climate solutions—reducing agriculture emissions and sequestering carbon—while offering co-benefits of local food production, biodiversity protection, and climate resilience

Our Climate Solutions Program is our response to the massive potential that agricultural lands have to mitigate climate change through practices that increase carbon sequestration and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Our programming aims to engage with various levels of government to implement climate-friendly policies that will improve local food systems. Our team works with farmers across BC to identify effective climate change mitigation strategies and amplify practices that reduce agricultural GHG emissions, sequester carbon, and increase renewable energy generation.

The global food system accounts for approximately one-quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions. A collective pursuit to mitigate climate change requires collaboration between political, economic, and social landscapes. Farming can strengthen our response through urgent greenhouse gas reductions and long-term investments in regenerative agriculture. Supporting sustainable food systems will protect environments and improve community health.

Climate Solutions is also about empowering British Columbians to make climate-friendly food choices. Combined food ­related emissions are the largest part of an individual’s carbon footprint. Food systems are important to unlocking a cleaner, greener, healthier, and less carbon-intensive future. Therefore, we seek to increase skills and facilitate knowledge transfer through webinars, field days, and farmer-to-farmer mentorships.

Climate Solutions Programs

Engaging Eaters

Telling new stories and imagining alternatives to current food systems is an integral part of the process of working towards change. What would thriving and sustainable food systems in BC look like?

Supporting Farmers and Ranchers

Reducing tillage is increasingly recognized as a climate solution and a beneficial practice for soil health, minimizing soil disturbance and targeting goal-specific benefits for farmers.

Influencing Policy

We are committed to supporting farmer-led, practical climate solutions and management strategies.

Farmers for Climate Solutions

We are a proud founding and coordinating member of Farmers for Climate Solutions; a national coalition that advances the role of agriculture in mitigating climate change.

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Climate Change Mitigation Opportunities in Canadian Agriculture and Food Systems

Climate change requires an allhands-on-deck response and how we grow, transport, process and eat our food matters. Through this report we highlight the biggest opportunities for reducing GHG emissions and sequestering carbon while supporting farmers, improving the health of our diets and empowering individuals and communities to be a part of the necessary shift to a greener, cleaner, healthier, less carbon-intensive way of life.

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