Susheela Kundargi, Director

Posted on Thursday, 13 July 2023 under

Susheela is an entrepreneur with 26 years of experience creating curricula and teaching a wide variety of courses, both in-person and facilitating online groups. Since 2019 she has worked as a non-fiction ghostwriter and creative consultant. She is a natural networker and has a curious mind.

For over a decade, she created and ran a children’s garden program in collaboration with False Creek Elementary School. After volunteering at UBC farm as a means of dealing with a very intense year of therapy clients, Susheela went on to complete the practicum in Sustainable Agriculture in 2013, then managed an urban farm the following year, and worked at UBC Botanical Garden in the Food Garden in 2018, where she focused on garden maintenance and visitor engagement.

Now based in the Southern Gulf Islands, her work is fuelled by her passion for education, well-being, and personal development, with a particular emphasis on mental health. Susheela gets feisty about and is deeply committed to food security/sovereignty, Indigenous issues, and everything about seeds; she still works as an alternative therapist helping people overcome trauma, and she facilitates community-based writing groups. She is in the process of creating retreat-type events that combine many of these passions.

Susheela is also involved in private capital funding for companies specializing in sustainability and innovation, which allows her to devote more time and resources to meaningful work and make a significant positive impact.