Colleen Popyk, Director

Posted on Friday, 14 July 2023 under

Colleen started working in food systems in 2008 when she took a random summer at Square Root Farm in Saanichton Vancouver Island. Little did she know that summer would determine the trajectory of the next 10+ years of her career path. She spent 8 years in the field at Square Root learning hands-on and directly from the owner operators as well as learning the ins and outs of distribution and marketing while part of the team at SHARE Organics in Victoria. At the end of that 8 years she started her own farm and ran that for 5 before taking a manager role at Northstar Organics also on the Saanich Peninsula. Recently her focus has been on aggregation, distribution and marketing in the local food economy and her position at the South Island FarmHub allows her to do just that! Now that she is out of the field she is feeling energized and inspired to contribute to the community that helped get to where she is now.