Community Seed Engagement

We respond to numerous requests for our team’s in-house expertise and support at public seed events across the country. We collaborate with organizations at independent seed events such as seminars, workshops, variety tastings, and open-house gatherings.

We encourage you to connect with our team of seed growing experts to learn more about the list of events we offer to collaborate on.

See below for a detailed description of the event listings we offer. Events are offered on a cost recovery and sliding scale basis. Contact us to book an event, or to ask about custom events.

Variety Tasting Events

Our team wants to get you excited about BC vegetables. Variety Tasting Events are the perfect way to learn more about the range of produce available across BC. These learning opportunities bring public awareness to and distinguish numerous vegetable crop varieties and their range of flavours. Tasting events are fun and interactive ways to engage people in our work and help us determine what crops to breed as part of public vegetable trials on our Research and Education Seed Farm. Participants are provided with varieties of particular vegetables to taste and learn about. From carrots to radicchio, these events leave people with a new appreciation and understanding of the full flavour profile of vegetables. These events also remind people that seed selection can determine how delicious BC produce can be.

Seed Saving 101

During our Seed Saving 101 session learn how to save, store, and breed your seeds. To be a good seed saver, you need to become a good breeder. Breeding is an active process where you make continuous crop decisions and observations. Our team will lead you through and explore how seed saving and breeding protects diverse, local varieties that are well equipped to withstand climate change. These sessions are your chance to learn from and ask our seed experts all your seed saving queries.

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