BC Seed Security Program

BC’s food system resiliency relies on the availability of locally bred seeds, able to withstand the province’s varied growing conditions. Through this program, we support both farmers and home gardeners to build a resilient seed supply.

We collaborate with farmers who conduct variety trials and plant breeding programs to build capacity for quality vegetable seed production and crops for commercial sale. Our various workshops, field days, and on-farm research provide farmers with tangible resources, additional education and training, and plant breeding strategies.

Our team also supports home gardeners to engage in seed saving. We support Seedy Saturday organizers, do workshops, and run a citizen seed trial each year.  Not only do we want to keep seed-saving skills alive, but we also want people to demand local seeds!

Through our BC Seed Security Program, we work to cement BC’s place in the national seed movement.

BC Seed Security Programs

Canadian Organic Vegetable Improvement

The (CANOVI) program is a collaboration between ourselves, the UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, and the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security.

Mobile Seed Cleaning Trailer

Our mobile seed cleaning trailers are outfitted with tools and equipment to help farmers and seed keepers save and clean their seed. We have cleaned over 140,000 pounds of seed and hundreds of varieties since the first trailer was mobilized in 2018.

Citizen Seed Trial

Our Citizen Seed Trial (CST) is a free, public, science program that engages gardeners and passionate growers in the process of seed saving and breeding.

Seed Farm Hub Sites

We currently have three Seed Farm Hub Sites working on growing seeds, replicating variety trials, and engaging the public and farmers in seed saving education.

Seed to Food

We launched the Seed to Food program in the Summer of 2020 in response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

BC Seed Gathering

Folks working across the seed sector come together in one place to foster collaboration.

Seedy Saturday Capacity Building

Our Seedy Saturday Capacity Building program helps facilitate information and resource sharing within independent Seedy Saturday event organizers across BC.

Community Seed Engagement

We can come to your community event to talk seeds! We collaborate with organizations at independent seed events such as seminars, workshops, variety tastings, and open-house gatherings.

Farmer Field Days

Farmer Field Days are collaborative peer-to-peer seedy learning experiences.

Seed Enterprise Budgets

Our Seed Enterprise Budgets help farmers determine their cost of labour and materials input, as well as potential sales revenue for projected seed crops.

BC Seed Mentorship Program

The BC Seed Mentorship Program pairs knowledgeable seed growers with farmers looking to incorporate or scale up seed production.

The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security

Since 2012, the Bauta initiative advances agricultural biodiversity through collaborations with Canadian organic and agro-ecological seed stakeholders.

Seed Library Capacity Building

Our Seed Library Capacity Building program helps facilitate information and resource sharing between independent seed libraries across BC.

School Seed Stewardship

Our School Seed Stewardship resources include a collection of seed saving presentations, games, and resources that help educators bring seed saving training to their classrooms, school programs, nature camps, and more!

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