Who We Are

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Some of the FarmFolk CityFolk team working on the farm.

Our programs go from seed to plate—engaging a network of farmers, seed growers, researchers, food system advocates, policymakers, community partners, chefs, and eaters. Together, we are creating food systems in BC that are strong, sustainable, and resilient. Our programs celebrate local food and connect people with the farmers who grow it. We support BC farmers to use local seed and to grow food in ways that mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity.

Our Vision

Sustainable food systems where people and planet thrive.

Our Mission

We connect, empower, and inspire people to strengthen BC’s sustainable food systems.

Our Values

Collaborative – Collaboration is key to who we are and what we do. We choose to connect, engage, and partner with people—from rural to urban, government to industry—in order to build relationships and strengthen food systems at the community level.

Courageous – We have the courage to tackle big problems, try innovative things, and have difficult conversations. We lead with integrity and heart.

Joyful – We take pride in the positive work we do. We are consciously optimistic, motivated by joy, and we celebrate accomplishments. We love to celebrate the contributions of farmers, ranchers, chefs, food businesses, advocates, and eaters in our community and our work.

Our Agricultural Mission

We strive for more resilient, productive, and viable food systems in which farmers are supported to grow their food in ways that mitigate climate change and protect biodiversity. To that end, we support regenerative and climate-friendly agriculture in livestock and crop production. We believe that all farmers across all of BC’s agricultural sectors—livestock, poultry, dairy, vegetable, berry, nut, and fruit – can positively contribute to resilient, low-carbon, food systems in BC. Our programming offers regionally-specific support and engages with farmers across the province—from Vancouver Island to the Kootenays, the Southern Okanagan to the North.

Resilient food systems start with resilient seeds. We support local seed production and seed security by providing seed education, skills training, and infrastructure to BC farmers and growers to increase production of high-quality seed. Seed security will allow BC farmers to grow food from seed that has been bred for local conditions, adapted to the local climate, requires fewer carbon-intensive inputs (e.g. synthetic fertilizers), and protects crop diversity.

Our Commitment to Anti-Racism, Equity, and Justice

As a majority-white organization working in the food movement, we have been complicit in the systematic oppression of Indigenous food systems and BIPOC food leaders. We honestly and humbly recognize this uncomfortable truth and are actively seeking ways to learn from and be proactive allies for all farm folks and city folks, specifically Black, Indigenous, and other people of colour.

We are seeking ways to use our networks, relationships, and resources to amplify the work of food leaders and seed sovereignty advocates that have been historically ignored in our colonial food systems. Our staff and board commit to doing the necessary work to help FarmFolk CityFolk be an organization that not only strives for sustainable food systems in BC, but one that also makes equity and justice inextricable parts of that mission.

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