Strategic Plan

What is a Sustainable Food System?

The term “food system” refers to all activities involved in producing, processing, distributing, consuming, and disposing of food. A food system is sustainable when it enhances a community’s environmental, economic, and social well-being.

Our Priorities and Objectives

Empower and Advocate for BC Farmers

  • Actively engage in effective use and protection of agricultural land
  • Identify and support climate-friendly agricultural practices
  • Develop a thriving ecological seed sector in BC
  • Support farmers in scaling up food production

Inspire and Equip People to Eat Food that Nourishes them and the Planet

  • Inform consumers of the environmental and social impact of their food choices
  • Engage the public in seed growing and saving
  • Connect consumers and farmers

Maximize our Impact through Robust Communications & Operations

  • Ensure operational supports and systems are strong and mature
  • Compellingly articulate our impact
  • Strengthen our governance board