Annual Report

We connect, empower, and inspire people to strengthen BC’s sustainable food systems. For over two decades, our team has supported sustainable agriculture and celebrated local food with communities across British Columbia.

We do this by helping farmers, local food producers, and processors; engaging the public in the celebration of local food; actively organizing and advocating around local, timely issues; and collaborating with partner organizations and businesses.

We believe that strengthening the connection between farm and city, producer and consumer, grower and eater, helps build more sustainable communities. Supporting local, sustainable agriculture helps reduce the environmental impact caused by industrial farming practices and transporting food over long distances.

Eating locally year-round means fresher, tastier, and more nutritious food while enriching our experience of how and where our food is grown. Eating locally also stimulates our local economies, ensures our food security, and helps conserve farmland through the best way we know how; by keeping it in production.

FarmFolk CityFolk Annual Report 2022

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FarmFolk CityFolk Annual Report 2021

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FarmFolk CityFolk Annual Report 2020

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