Mobile Seed Cleaning Trailer

Posted on Wednesday, 12 June 2024 under Stories Featured

We would love to claim responsibility for the concept of shared seed cleaning equipment in BC, but like many great ideas, we discovered that this one had already been thought of.  It was previously endorsed by the BC Department of Agriculture almost 100 years ago when there was a boom in BC seed production leading up to WWII.  See the excerpt from the 1930 BC Department of Agriculture Annual Report:

Although we didn’t invent the concept, we are proud to have reintroduced it!

In 2019, we tested the first prototype of our Seed Cleaning trailer by touring it around BC. In 2021, we were lucky to have the support of the Ministry of Agriculture to explore the concept further. We hired Chris Thoreau and Keeley Nixon who co-authored the BC Seed Hub Feasibility Findings Report. The ministry then funded the production of three new trailers which have been in use ever since, cleaning hundreds of tons of seed of over 50 different species all over BC.

For the last three years we have taken all three trailers on a fall tour, visiting seed production farms and community seed gardens to help process seeds both for farmers and for community seed stewardship projects. Once again, this year, we plan to drive the trailers across BC. These tours not only allow us to share the seed cleaning equipment, but they also give us a wonderful opportunity to meet farmers, gardeners, and interested members of the public in fields and communities across the province. Many of our stops will be public events in collaboration with seed libraries that are part of our network. Some stops will involve running workshops related to our Medicinal Plant & Seed Project as well as cleaning seeds. Some stops will be working days on farms, helping clean the seeds that BC gardeners will grow in future seasons.

You can learn more about this project here, and if you are interested in having us come to your community to host a seed cleaning session, you can request a stop here. We can’t guarantee every request, but we will do our best to plan a route that includes the most stops. The trailer is always available for farmers and community members to rent outside of trailer tours if they are able to pick it up and return it.