May Flowers: 5 Ways to Use Your Spring Flowers

Posted on Friday, 3 May 2024 under Stories Featured

As they say, April Showers bring May Flowers, but what are you to do with all those flowers once you harvest them? 

In this post, we are going to go over 5 different ways you can use your flowers to their full potential. 

1. Cook with your flowers

Did you know that you can eat some spring flowers? Check out this List of Edible Flowers by West Coast Seeds, to learn about what tasty florals may be hiding in your garden. Remember to be cautious when cooking with fresh flowers, only use flowers that you are 100% sure of, and do not consume flowers that have not been positively identified.

From baked goods to infused oil, there are plenty of ways to cook with flowers! Read 20 Edible Flower Recipes That Are Colorful and Delicious to find some ideas for what to make with your edible flowers.

2. Brew tea with your flowers

Who doesn’t love a fresh herbal tea? A hot cup of tea is perfect for a rainy spring day, or a nice iced tea is perfect for the hotter days leading up to summer. Check out How to Dry Your Own Flowers for Tea to learn how to make a floral tea.

3. Paint with your flowers

Did you know you can use flower petals to paint? Read A step by step guide to painting with wildflower petals to learn how to paint with flower petals directly onto a page or how to create a simple watercolour paint solution with flower petals and ingredients you can find around the house.

4. Press your flowers

Pressing your flowers is a great way to preserve their beauty. There are many ways to go about pressing flowers, but using a heavy book is a tried and true method. Watch How to Press Flowers to learn how to effectively press your flowers.

For ideas on what to do with your pressed flowers, read through Whimsical Pressed Flower Crafts where you will find three tutorials on how to frame pressed flowers, how to turn them into bookmarks and how to make a lantern with them.

5. Make sachets with your flowers

One of the perks of having flowers in your home or garden is the fresh scent they provide. Drying out your flower petals and turning them into scent sachets is a great way to keep that freshness year-round. Follow this Homemade Floral Sachets with Peonies, Lavender and Mint tutorial and learn how to create simple sachets you can keep in your car or home to keep them smelling fresh.