Collaborative Carrot Seed Production

Posted on Monday, 8 April 2024 under The Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security

This past March, we had a red carrot planting at KPU Farm at the Garden City Lands with the help of Agroecosystems students of Alex Lyon, who teaches in the Sustainable Agriculture Program. Before the carrots arrived at KPU, they were on a bit of a journey.

These red carrots were grown by Kristjan Johannson at Stable Harvest Farm in 2023. He grew about 200 lbs of carrots. Some of these carrots were used in a workshop by Philipp Simon, USDA Research Leader, at our 2023 BC Seed Gathering.

We selected some of the remaining carrots for planting at UBC Farm in their winter greenhouse for seed production this past winter, where we helped to select and plant. In mid-May we expect the seeds to be mature.

We stored the leftover roots at KPU and selected about 200 out of 500-1000 roots. Then, with the help of the Agroecosystem students, we planted about 75 feet. We are expecting to harvest these seeds this fall, around late September.

Having multiple sites to collaborate with for seed production is very useful! We are also growing a different variety of carrots for seed at our seed hub site at Fraser Common Farm co-op.