Growing Agriculture Awareness at Metro Vancouver Feast of Fields

Posted on Thursday, 5 October 2023 under Stories

Farmers in BC have long strived to reduce carbon emissions through agriculture by adopting practices such as cover cropping, reduced tillage, nitrogen management, enhancing biodiversity, and reducing pesticide and herbicide use. Agricultural producers need the continued support of eaters to be climate champions. Eaters make choices about their food every day and have the ability to make positive impacts with those choices. Supporting local farmers who implement sustainable growing practices is one way to make a difference in your local food community.

At the Metro Vancouver Feast of Fields, we hosted an interactive experience where feast goers had the opportunity to learn about sustainable agriculture by hearing from food system advocates and participate in a communal mural highlighting sustainable growing practices. Folks had the chance to talk to Pinsch of Soil Farm, A Rocha, Forstbauer Family Natural Food Farm, Farmers on 57th, and Sole Food Street Farms. Each of the farms chatted with feast-goers about their vision for sustainable agriculture and how they adopt sustainable practices on their farms.

Additionally, local artist and manager of OPUS Art Supplies in Langley, Megan McClennon, facilitated the painting of a community mural to represent sustainable agriculture. Our resident farmers offered input and ideas for the mural, and feast-goers had the opportunity to add to it themselves. Many of the farming practices our local farmers spoke about are represented in the mural. Practices like planting for pollinators, enhancing wetlands, incorporating trees, taking care of the soil, etc., were all incorporated into the community mural.

Stable Harvest Farm’s head farmer, Kristjan Johannson, presented sustainable farming practices for a group of curious feast goers followed by a tour of the farm. Guests of Feast could see the practices firsthand and ask questions to our host farmer.

Having opportunities to visit a farm and network with farmers who practice sustainable agriculture is an incredibly beneficial experience. Having the opportunity to ask farmers questions and hear about their growing practices first-hand helps eaters make more informed decisions about their food. If you have the opportunity to go on a farm tour near you, we encourage you to take it and ask questions along the way. Another way to get involved in your local food system and chat with farmers is to visit your local farmers market.

However you choose to be involved, we encourage you to make informed decisions about your food!

This activation at Feast was made possible thanks to the support from Metro Vancouver, Vancity and the Clif Family Foundation.