Growing Agriculture Awareness at Farmers on 57th

Posted on Thursday, 5 October 2023 under Stories

We make choices about our food every day. These choices can have positive impacts associated with them, reducing climate emissions and supporting the local food economy. Sustainability is an important component of our local food systems both in agriculture and the choices consumers make.

Sourcing food locally can be a good way to support the local economy and reduce travel associated with food. Urban farms are a unique and sustainable approach to food security in cities. Farming in city landscapes bridges the gap between agriculture and urban centers. It fosters a sense of community, bringing neighbourhoods together to tend to shared gardens and learn about sustainable growing practices.

At our Urban Agriculture event, we hosted the community at Farmers on 57th to experience an urban farm, hear from local guest speakers, and have the opportunity to chat with other urban farms located in Vancouver. Farmers on 57th is a non-profit organization which operates an urban farm with a CSA program, educational community gardens, and therapeutic accessible gardens. Chrystal Sparrow, Musqueam Land-Based Artist, kicked off the event for us and was followed by Vancouver Urban Food Forest, City Beet Farm, Fresh Roots, UBC Farm, and Farmers on 57th. Each farm and organization spoke about their approach to agriculture and why farming in the city is an important part of our local food economy.

Following our series of speakers, we hosted an open house and tours of Farmers on 57th for community members to experience and ask questions about urban farming and get to know some of the producers that live right in their neighbourhoods.

Watch our recording of our speakers to learn more about Vancouver’s urban farming community.

This event was made possible thanks to the support from Metro Vancouver and the Clif Family Foundation.