Bring Seed Education to Classrooms with our School Seed Stewardship Resources

Posted on Friday, 3 March 2023 under Stories

We are excited to share that our School Seed Stewardship project resources are now available! We have created a collection of seed-saving presentations, games, and resources that help educators bring seed-saving training to their classrooms, school programs, nature camps, and more!

The 13 lesson plans and presentations are designed to help educators select, plant, and save seeds in their school gardens. The short lessons cover topics from understanding plant species and genetics to planning a seed garden. There is advice on the dissemination of the seeds with future generations of students, a local seed library, or members of the greater community.

Through the resources, students learn the basics of seed-saving biology and skills and, more importantly, are imparted with a sense of seed stewardship. They learn that the responsibility of stewarding a seed variety is not just about growing seeds, it is about taking part in stewarding the future of that variety, as it has been stewarded for generations before us.

We hope these resources will help you bring seed stewardship into the classroom. View the School Seed Stewardship resources.