Planting with Local Seeds this Spring

Posted on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 under Stories

As you begin to consider the many decisions of stewarding a garden this season, are you putting thought into where you will be sourcing your seeds from?

While the diversity of options and ease of purchasing seeds from large seed companies can be enticing, there are many advantages to sourcing local seeds.

Seeds that have been grown and selected in your region for years will have adapted to your specific growing conditions and are ready to survive the ever-changing climate. They will have also been cultivated for flavour and appearance rather than storage and ability to survive long-distance shipping. This leads to beautiful, delicious fruits and vegetables. Lastly, seeds that are saved and shared locally protect the ever-shrinking genetic diversity of our food landscape and increase our resiliency.

So opt to grow hardy, delicious, unique plants this season and source your seeds locally.

Check out some of our resources to help you find local seeds this season: