Black History Month 2023

Posted on Tuesday, 7 February 2023 under Stories

Black History Month is an opportunity to learn, reflect on history, and honour the contributions of Black people and communities.

It is an important time to recognize Canada’s history of enslavement, racism, segregation, and marginalization.

Blacky History Week began in 1926 in the United States. During the 1970s, the week expanded to a month with the first month-long commemoration of Black History taking place in February 1970. It took until 1995 for Canada to recognize and begin celebrating Black History Month, following the initiative of Honourable Jean Augustine, Canada’s first black Member of Parliament.

For more information on the history of Black History Month, visit BC Black History Awareness Society. On their website, you can also find a helpful list of definitions for key concepts such as Anti-Black Racism, Racialization, and Institutional Racism.

While this is an incredibly important month to highlight Black history, do not let your learning and action stop at the end of February. We encourage you to continue to learn, unlearn, and take action throughout the rest of the year.

Below, find resources to aid your learning, and links to organizations working to dismantle Anti-Black racism and support Black folks, and Black-led and owned businesses and organizations.

Resources to Learn More:

BC Black History Awareness Society
Dismantling Racism in the Food System
Uprooting Racism: Seeding Sovereignty
Black Lives Matter Vancouver
Equity, Anti-Racism & Belonging in Farming – EFAO
Food Justice – Food Share Toronto
Celebrating Black History Month: 8 Contributions of Black Farmers to Regenerative Agriculture
Farming While Black

Black-led and Owned Businesses and Organizations:

National Black Farmers Fund
Afro Van Connect
Kara-kata Afrobeat Society
Afri-Can Food Basket
Hogan’s Alley Society
Black Owned Businesses in the Metro Vancouver Area
Legacy Growers Collective
Sundance Harvest
Black and Rural